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Christmas Eve & Dec. 26th Services are Cancelled

Members and Friends of Zion:

In the past couple of days you may have received messages or emails regarding members possibly exposed to the COVID virus while inside our church building. This has necessitated a change in plans for our holiday services on both Christmas Eve and Sunday December 26th. Those directly involved in the creation of these two services are not in a position to coordinate an in-person service in the sanctuary. This applies to services on both December 24 and 26.

For Christmas Eve the service will now be only via live streaming. On the 26th a short recorded video presentation will be shown at 9:00 am. You can view it on any of these options: Zion Facebook, Zion YouTube, or the Zion website.

It is very important to note that our church building is not closed! The community meal, scheduled for Dec 26, will still occur. If you wish to pick up your Christmas poinsettias you can do so during the community meal (12:30-2:30p) or arrange a time through the church office to come into the building and pick them up.

Sometimes circumstances occur that thwart the best laid plans. Unfortunately this is one of those times. The Board of Worship and Tech Team were working so hard to coordinate an outstanding service. Even with these last minute changes we hope the true meaning of Christmas is not diminished.

As needed, additional information will be sent out to all of you. Despite these bumps in the road I hope you and family have a safe, joyous, and meaningful Christmas.

Bill Prahl and the Zion. Church Council

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