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In-Person Worship Suspended

Hello Members and Friends of Zion:

There are times when there are, simply, no good answers. This may well be one of those times. In a special meeting of the church council last night, November 24, the council voted in favor of suspending in-person worship. From Nov 29, 2020 through Jan 10, 2021 only live streaming will occur. Your viewing options are: Live as it happens on Facebook or YouTube, or replayed on the Zion website on Monday after 12 noon.

Please let me clear up any confusion regarding messages about holiday worship. With the speed of email you are probably getting this notice before your December Visitor. In the Visitor there is information about our holiday plans. Well, my article for the December Visitor was written over ten days ago in order to meet the mailing deadline. Since it was written and the newsletter printed, assembled, and mailed there have been further developments regarding the safety of in-person worship.

With over 50 million Americans traveling this holiday to be with family, and further family/social gatherings surrounding Christmas and New Year’s, it was decided that really limiting contacts was the prudent thing to do.

We have one goal regarding the health crisis and that is to do everything possible to ensure the safety of our membership. I believe we have been fortunate at Zion and need to continue to work hard to see that that success continues.

Temporarily suspending in-person worship does impact our weekly offering. There is no doubting this. However, another option exists. For many of you who regularly support our mission you can mail your offering into the church office. It could be that offering will be gathered, counted, and recorded every other week rather than the usual weekly plan. Those logistics will be worked out.

You can make checks payable to:

Zion United Church of Christ

Then mail to:

68 New St.

Mount Clemens, Mi 48043

If you know of a Zion family member who is not connected to the internet, I ask that you please give them a call and fill them in on developments.

All of us know that this holiday time is truly different and we wish for better. But it is what is before us and all of us need to be strong…and safe. As more information becomes available I will certainly keep all of you in the loop.

Be safe and be well,

Bill Prahl

Church Council President

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