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Masks are Mandatory

As we continue to meet in our sanctuary, it is massively important that everybody in our congregation abides by the masking-up rules.

Masks are required to be covering your mouth and nose throughout the entire Church service.

Why? To save your faith family. There is no objection that the age of our Church is growing, many have had or beaten cancer, some live with family that is seriously ill, and some individuals who put on the service are immuno-compromised.

God teaches us to love thy neighbor - wearing a mask is one of the easiest things you can do to help protect those around you.

If you cannot wear a mask while attending church we ask that you attend online instead of in person.

The last thing that Zion wants is to infect our faith family with a deadly disease.

On that note: while attending church in the sanctuary the heat will be on with the windows open. This is to provide maximum airflow throughout the sanctuary per CDC guidelines.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, we ask that you attend online instead of in person.

We are taking every precaution that we can. Hand sanitizer is available as well as medical masks for those who do not have one.

We should all be able to come together during these unprecedented times to protect each other, love one another and worship together in the name of the Lord.

See you on Sunday!

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