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Update from Council President

Zion Members:

[Sunday]’s service in the parking lot was an enjoyable one. Ed Bray was at the podium leading the service. And, in case you weren’t there or listening to the live stream, it was our first service using the new camera-recording equipment.

So, all future services, whether inside or outside, will be live-streamed through a few different viewing options. Personally, I am trying to learn a bit more each day understanding the terms and operations associated with live streaming. Sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes not.

You received a blue survey sheet in your Visitor and we hope you will fill it out and give us your feedback regarding upcoming services in the sanctuary. If we get lots of feedback, then that information can guide the church council when we discuss future plans at our meeting on September 8.

And, finally, remember that the outside service this Sunday Sept 6 will feature the sacrament of communion. As before bring your bread and wine/juice.

I will next send out an email notice on Wednesday morning, Sept 9, following our council meeting.

Be safe and healthy, keep your distance, and mask up when necessary!

Bill Prahl

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